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News: Haven Divided Is Available Now on Audible πŸ“š


It’s been a while in coming, but Haven Divided: The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, Vol. 2 is finally available on Audible! worldwide!

A creepy hand reaches out of a background of autumn leaves. It holds a coin embossed with the face of a woman with a rose and clover in her hair. Haven Divided: The Dragon's Brood Cycle, Vol. 2

You can hear the first sample in the Media section of the official website, and more samples will be coming soon, as well as the audiobook edition of Harmony’s Song.

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting it by picking up this audiobook and leaving a rating or review. I couldn’t do what I do without you, dear readers, and I’m infinitely grateful to all of you. πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ‰